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  • Coryn

Mia + Nolan | Glowing Wintertime Desert Engagement Session

Mia and Nolan met soon after Nolan had moved to Los Angeles in 2015. They had both signed up for a website called Plenty of Fish, neither knowing that it would be the place where they would meet their forever person. Their 3rd date was the wedding of one Mia's friends and let's face it you know if you can both survive a wedding together that early on you really got something!

Fast forward to May of 2019, Mia had a nail appointment booked for the morning and Nolan had planned a staycation at a nearby hotel. I mean, sounds like a great little Saturday, yes please! While at her appointment Mia told her nail stylist about how Nolan had been acting weird and she was also bummed that it was raining because this is LA and it never rains and of course it had to when that had awesome plans at a hotel with a pool. That is when Mia's stylist said, you know what - "Let's do some engagement nails just in case" - Smarty.

After a five star dinner at the Hotel Bel-Air, including wedding wine of course, Nolan took Mia for a walk in the gardens. The fresh rain smell, beautiful gardens with a river and waterfall cue background music (not really but I would like to believe it was there). Then yup you guessed it, a proposal! Mia obviously said yes and we could not be more excited for their wedding at Hotel Albuquerque this summer!

My favorite part of the story? Unbeknownst to Mia, Nolan had also been hiding her bling in his guitar amp for a couple months. I mean, A+ on the planning Nolan!

For their engagement session we headed out to Albuquerque's West Mesa. It was cold and windy but these two were champs. The wind kicked up the dust a bit and created that lovely desert glow that you can only get in the wintertime. This shoot was complete with a golden arch, silk florals, one of the most epic dresses I have ever seen, smoke bombs and champagne. I would do it all again tomorrow if I could!

Photography: Coryn Kiefer Photography

Hair: Jewel Hair Design

Make Up: Kata Baron

Mia's Dress: Red: Lulus | Black: Mr. Pretty

Bouquet: The Faux Bouquets

Arch: My Beloved Vintage Rentals