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  • Coryn

Alexis & Kyle | White Mesa Engagement Session

Alexis and Kyle met their freshman year of high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The two became close having a lot of classes together and were dating by sophomore year, 11/11/11 to be exact. As senior year ended and the real world approached and while Alexis was staying in New Mexico for college, Kyle was offered an appointment to the US Merchant Marine Academy in New York. Knowing it was going to be hard, they decided they were worth and and stuck it out through four years of long distance with only little visits and the occasional academy ball.

Kyle moved back to New Mexico after his graduation in 2018 to be with Alexis, though his line of work does take him away for the majority of the year. The distance in hard but totally worth it especially since Kyle went all out and proposed to Alexis on Main Street in Disneyland earlier this year!

Living in New Mexico, we are lucky to have amazing locations around almost every corner. Alexis and Kyle were up for an adventure and wanted a truly unique place for their engagement session. So we pack up and ventured out to White Mesa where they have everything from catus to rolling hills to white rock cliffs to sand bars. It was such a fun evening...if a bit windy :).

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