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  • Coryn

Makena | Senior Session | Corrales Winery

First of all, can we all just agree that seniors are a lot more pulled together than we were at that age? Goodness, I LOVE senior sessions. Meeting these kids, finding out about what their plans are and knowing that so much is in store for them. I met up with Makena at the lovely Corrales Winery in Corrales New Mexico. From the moment you drive in, the winery takes you in it's beautiful grasp and it was the perfect location for this session.

Makena's mom came along for the shoot and seeing the bond between these two was really special.

The real beauty of this venue are all the hidden gems in one spot! First the willow tree and then this lovely blue door surrounded by white roses. Alice in Wonderland eat your heart out.

We were just on the cusp of that magic golden hour by this point and we didn't let it slip us by.

If you are really interested in the venue that keeps on giving - just up over Makena's shoulders is a lovely little apple orchard.

There is always that point on sunset shoots when you think to yourself "Ehhh we got it, let's go." It was at that point...that I saw this tractor and asked Makena if she would amuse me an go pose with it. She said, "well I am going to college in Texas next year..."

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