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Hello. My name is Coryn and I have been enamored by photography since the first time I stepped into a dark room year 25 years ago and the world opened up to me. From that day to this one now, I have been a chaser of light. As I got my start in film photography, my digital approach continues on the same field capturing the romantic soft nature of film within the crisp beauty of the digital world. My style is airy and clean but without losing the vibrancy of the world around you. Throw a little gorgeous backlight in there and I am one happy lady!


What else? Well let's see...I am an East Coast girl living in the heart of the Southwest. I like Sundays - though I have never really been that into football. I am quite obviously a redhead and easily fall into every stereotype that surrounds the trait. I try to laugh everyday - I think that is important. Flowers make me smile. So does coffee. I miss the smell of a dark room. I love to create. I have two crazy kids and an amazing husband that above all else are my "why?."

Let's make something beautiful.


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Coryn Kiefer Helmken


Tel: 505-514-0854

photo cred: Danielle Adkins Photography